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2013 - Tosca

A tale of love, intrigue, torture and, ultimately, betrayal.  Tosca and her lover, Cavaradossi are double-crossed by police chief, Scarpia who wants revenge on Cavaradossi for hiding Angelotti, a political escapee. Scarpia arranges a "mock" execution of Cavaradossi, but has him shot. Tosca pretends to succumb to Scarpia's amarous advances, but stabs him.  Distraught at her lover's death, Tosca commits suicide. 


Gareth Morris joined the cast of Matchbox as Cavaradossi in this staging of Tosca in local churches. Performing close to the audience and with the use of bells and candlelight, the actors used the entire space of the church to create the atmosphere of foreboding as the tragic events unfold. 

Tosca: Annie Rogers

Cavaradossi: Gareth Dafydd Morris

Scarpia: Mark Pasola

Angelotti: David Wootton

Sacristan: Martin Walker

Spoletta: Paul Mead

Sciarrone: Adrian Berendt

Marchesa Attavanti: Bex van der Vliet

Stage Director: Mark Lacey

Musical Director: Dean Waller

Piano: Anthony Zerpa-Falcom

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