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2011 - La Boheme

A group of bohemians play the roles of starving artists in 1830s Paris.  The addition of Mimi, a seamstress, to their group brings romance and brief happiness.  Tragedy triumphs though, with Mimi dying in the arms of her lover, the would-be playwright, Rodolfo. The tempestuous love between Marcello and Musetta ultimately proves the more resilient.


The audience was moved to tears by Matchbox Opera's heart-rending intepretation of Puccini's classic opera.

Rodolfo: Paul Mead

Mimi: Rebecca Mitchell

Marcello: Mark Pasola

Musetta: Annie Rogers

Schaunard: Adrian Berendt

Colline: Chris Holwell

Benoit & Custom House Sergeant: Martin Walker

Alcindoro: David Wootton

Parpignol: Peter Mace

Stage Director: Mark Lacey

Musical Director: Dean Waller

Piano: Anthony Zerpa-Falcon

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