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2010 - Don Giovanni

The eponymous villain of the original Don Juan legend becomes “Don Giovanni” for Mozart’s adaption of this tale of lechery and licentiousness. In pursuit of adding to his list of 1003 Spanish lovers, the Don exerts his powers of persuasion on Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and village beauty, Zerlina. Leporello, the Don’s servant and sidekick, witnesses a number of nasty incidents along the way - Donna Anna’s father being skewered, the cuckolding of Zerlina’s husband, the spooky re-appearance of Dona Anna’s ghostly father and, finally, the Don's descent into hell.


Stage director, Mark Lacey combined with Dean Waller’s musical direction and the excellence of Jong-Gyung Park’s playing of Mozart's sublime music to keep the audience enthralled at the unfolding tragedy of the Don’s exploits and of his ultimate destruction.

Don Giovanni: Mark Pasola

Leporello: Matthew Quirk

Donna Elvira: Angie Denman

Donna Anna: Annie Rogers

Don Ottavio: Paul Mead

The Commendatore: Chris Holwell

Zerlina: Rebecca Mitchell

Masetto: Martin Walker

Stage Director: Mark Lacey

Musical Director: Dean Waller

Pianist: Jong-Gyung Park

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