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2016 - Carmen


Set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, audiences were highly appreciative of Matchbox Opera's presentation of this lively and exuberant story.  Richard Rowe's portrayal of the complex character of Don Jose was beautifully balanced by the Annie Rogers as the fiery and passionate Carmen. 

Carmen: Annie Rogers

Don Jose: Richard Rowe

Michaela: Rebecca Foster

Escamillo: Adrian Berendt

El Dancairo: Patrick Glencross

Frasquita: Tamira Lynskey

Mercedes: Abigail King

Morales: Patrick Glencross

Zuniga: Mark Pasola

Stage Director: Saffron van Zwanenberg

Musical Director: Sonia Ben-Santamaria

Pianist & repetiteur: Ashley Beauchamp

Costumier: Alison Zaltzman

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